“My husband and I just completed refinancing our house mortgage through the “Dominion Lending Centres”, and I must admit, it was one of the best moves we have ever made.

What made this transition less frightening and actually pleasant and rewarding was our very experienced and enthusiastic agent Eveline de la Giroday.  She spoke clearly, made excellent suggestions, offered alternative scenarios, and crunched up all the complicated numbers to give us straight forward answers.

While maintaining her ever joyful composure, she walked us through the complex world of the banks, mortgage companies, interest rates, terms, and penalties.  In the end,  her excellent advice has resulted in thousands of dollars in savings every month!  Life is easier now, and much more enjoyable.

Eveline is an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate individual who cares deeply about her clients.  As a professional, she understands numbers and works well with them.  But her true mission is to help ease the burden off of her clients by offering them a product that will be right for them now, and for years to come.  She does not believe in abandoning her clients after the papers are signed, and stays in touch with them as markets continue to fluctuate.  Eveline makes herself available 24/7, and is always happy to clarify any concerns.  And all this excellent service at no cost to us!

My husband and I have come away from this experience with a much greater appreciation of the magic that a knowledgeable and hardworking mortgage broker can work in the lives of working people.  Moreover, we have found ourselves a caring guardian who will continue to provide us with good advice for years to come.

We feel proud to call her a friend, and look forward to opportunities to introduce her excellent services to our friends and colleagues.  We all need someone like Eveline in our lives.”


Genetta B.  and Paul N.
Vancouver, B.C.

“I have had the good fortune and pleasure to have Eveline to assist me to find the right mortgage for my new home. Eveline was always available to answer my endless questions . She is kind, knowledgeable, professional and very efficient. I will definitely recommend Eveline to my family and friends and will use her expertise in future.

Thank you Eveline.”

Zahra A.- Coquitlam, B.C.

“Working with Eveline has been a delight.  Her dedication to building long-lasting relationships with lending institutions allowed us to acquire a mortgage well beyond what we had anticipated which definitely gave us some breathing room.

Great work Eveline.”

Mike M.
North Vancouver, B.C.

” Eveline de la Giroday is the Best!  With my mortgage coming up for renewal I went to her to see what she could do for me, compared to my Bank that I have been with for over 20 years; and what she did for me was unbelievable! My finanacial planner at the bank did not suggest what she suggested. Eveline has me saving over $4500.00 a month because of consolidation. She is very professional, friendly and empathetic to ones financial needs.  She is amazingly efficient and gets the work done now!

I highly recommend her for mortgage expertise!”


Nelli J.

Vancouver, B.C.

Eveline was my first and only choice for a mortgage broker.  The property was a long shot, or at least me getting financing seemed that way.

Eveline was positive we’d make it happen from day one and guided me through a lengthy and emotional journey with poise and professionalism.  Updating me at every turn and collecting information needed to put my best foot forward were her priorities throughout the process.  When things looked grim she kept me positive and pushing for the result we both were looking for.  She worked tirelessly with all the involved parties to bring me a excellent financing arrangement and ultimate success in acquiring the property I had chosen.  Working to the 11th hour on the final day, my hard case became reality and I have no doubt were it any other broker they would have written me off as a lost cause and doomed to failure.

Eveline saw the possibility where others would not and she was the most significant factor in my successful purchase.  I have since gone on to recommend her to many of my family and friends, where she has provided the same level of service to them as well.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Eveline to anyone looking for financing and hope anyone reading this has as much success as I have with Eveline as my broker.

Jeff M.

North Vancouver, B.C.

My wife had known Eveline prior to us requiring her professional advice.  As time drew nearer for us to re-mortgage our property, we contacted her for her assistance.  To our amazement we soon learned how the mortgage rules and requirements had changed.  Eveline calmly navigated us through the complex process and provided us with detailed explanations on present day changes.  She listened to what we wanted to accomplish and offered us varying scenarios that best suited our needs.  Eveline was quick to answer our calls and continued to work very diligently in closing our new mortgage always keeping our interests in mind along with the best interest rate.

We enjoyed working with Eveline who we found to be very professional and knowledgeable in the financial field with a whole host of contacts at her immediate finger tips.  Everything went accordingly, we had no surprises and even when we had emailed her a question, she replied immediately, (while vacationing out of the country).  The service Eveline provided was “top shelf” and one we would strongly recommend.  Her professionalism and strong commitment to clients in delivering the best advice and service was clear to us that we were dealing with someone who cares.  We are very appreciative for all the hard work Eveline has done for us.

Wanda and Thomas P.

Richmond, B.C.

Dear Eveline

We just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help & hard work in getting us our new home!!  You were such a pleasure to work with!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

All the Best

Chad & Lydia 🙂
North Vancouver, B.C.

As a first time homeowner I was new to the process and a bit overwhelmed with all the options available and the documents to be completed. Eveline took the time to walk me through process while explaining everything in detail to ensure I fully understood. Her knowledge of the process was vast and she made me feel confident in the choices I made.

Eveline was extremely proactive and always kept me informed throughout the entire process. Her level of customer service far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Eveline to anyone looking for a mortgage.


Amanda J
North Vancouver

I’m just sitting in our Whistler cabin and feeling very grateful for the great people that helped us make our dream a reality.  A very special thanks to Eveline de la Giroday for ALL of her hard work and determination in getting us our mortgage.  She overcame many obstacles along the way and was extremely efficient in getting all of our paperwork in order.

She really went above and beyond to make this happen and was a real driving force in the process.  Thank you Eveline, we couldn’t have done this without you!

Zoe H.
Whistler, B.C.

I was extremely happy with the service I received from Eveline as she guided me through my Mortgage renewal.  Eveline was very diligent and  made everything Crystal clear for me to understand. I was 100%  satisfied and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with their Mortgage.

Bryan T.
Vancouver, B.C.